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We’ve invested in some of the best technology ensuring your pet gets the excellent care they deserve


We’ve invested in some of the best technology ensuring your pet gets the excellent care they deserve

We’ve invested in some of the best vet technology around to ensure your pet always gets the excellent care they deserve

Both of our surgeries are well equipped with modern and high tech equipment to ensure your pet always gets the efficient and effective care they need.

Our Brinkley Lane practice houses our main surgical suite, as well as some of the equipment for dealing with more complex cases and investigations. If your pet ever requires more intricate surgery or observations, it is likely that they will be treated at this practice, although routine operations can be carried out at our Stratford St Mary practice too.

We understand that sometimes, bringing your pets to the vet can be stressful for you and for your pet. Here at Penrose Vet Group we do all we can to minimise the difficulties that pets and their owners might encounter when they come to see us. Our staff are trained to be aware of the needs all pets and their owners, and we have put in place not only the necessary facilities but also ways of working, in order to make your visit as stress-free as possible. For our clients we offer a spacious, quiet, off-street car park for stress-free transfer for your pet to the reception area.

We pride ourselves on being the only veterinary practice in Colchester to have Veterinary and nursing staff on wards all night, every night of the year, caring for our in-patients.

We have recently invested in a cat only waiting area and consulting room, as cats not only have a range of diseases which are different to those of their canine cousins, but they also have different temperaments and need to be handled and treated in a different way.

Facilities List

  • A digital x-ray suite which helps with the diagnosis and treatment of broken bones or internal obstructions.

  • An ultrasound scanner which allows us to confirm pregnancies as well as diagnose problems with internal organs

  • Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment enables us to assess your pet’s heart function and address any abnormalities.

  • vet-services-video-endoscopy

    Flexible endoscope helps with internal investigations inside your pet’s digestive or respiratory systems.

  • A tonometer means that we can measure the pressure in your pet’s eyes, which indicates conditions like glaucoma.

  • A k-Laser allows us to administer laser therapy if your pet suffers from swelling, chronic pain or has recently had surgery.

  • A Pulse oximeter is used for measuring and monitoring your pet’s blood oxygen level to keep them safe during surgery.

  • An electronic stethoscope which provides clearer amplified sounds, allowing us to accurately diagnosis any internal problems your pet might have.

  • vet-services-blood-pressure

    Blood pressure monitoring equipment means that we can check your pet’s blood pressure in a variety of situations, which could give an early indication of a problem.

  • An incubator can be used for newborn animals or to help support those that are very sick or recovering from major surgery.

  • Separate patient wards and isolation area minimises the stress to your pet if they have to stay with us in practice. Dogs and cats are kept separately and pets can be placed in isolation to ensure a calm and quiet environment if they are particularly fragile.

  • Fully equipped surgical facilities enable us to carry out a variety of procedures efficiently and safely, from routine surgery to more complex investigations.

  • A separate dental surgery provides all the equipment and facilities we need to fully examine your pet’s mouth and give them any treatment or cleaning they might need.

Our Cat Facilities

A separate cat waiting area, with barriers to the rest of the waiting room, allowing your cat to relax in his or her basket, out of sight of other animals


Cat weighing scales in our cat consulting room


A fully appointed cat-friendly cat ward


  • laid out to prevent sight of other cats
  • igloos for privacy and to provide a higher view point
  • comfortable, cosy bedding
  • a variety of types of cat litter
  • cat-friendly toys
  • cat weighing scales
  • privacy covers for kennel doors, if needed
  • a team of vets with advanced, specialist knowledge of cat sedation, anaesthesia and pain management

In-House Laboratory Equipment

At Penrose Veterinary Group, we have the latest in house laboratory equipment and can run a multitude of different tests.


As pet owners ourselves, we understand that waiting for test results can be an anxious time, and in emergencies we need to have rapid access to accurate results. That’s why we have invested in the latest analytical equipment – in most cases we are able to discuss your pet’s results, and their implications, with you the same day.


Of course, due to the specialist nature of some tests, on occasion we may need to send samples to an external laboratory. Depending on the tests required, these results can take between 24 hours and two weeks to come back, but rest assured that we’ll always share them with you as soon as we can.


We’re pleased to say that we can now add progesterone testing to this list, an in house test which we aim to have results to you within an hour.*


If you are planning on breeding from your bitch, then measuring progesterone levels is an easy and reliable way of gauging the optimum time to mate.


The cost of the test is only £70 and includes an appointment with a nurse to take the blood, the test itself and interpretation of the results by a veterinary surgeon to advise you on the next steps required.


If you would like to book an appointment for a progesterone blood test, please do call us and make an appointment before 12 midday.


*while we will always endeavour to produce results within one hour, during extremely busy periods this may not always be possible, however, same day results are guaranteed.

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